In the wake of the ongoing racist police and vigilante killings of Black people, the global community is desperately calling for the structural recognition of the inherent value of Black life. The restriction and destruction of Black life is a systematic sickness the United States was born with, and people will continue to fight against it until it is eradicated.

As musicians whose lives have been shaped by the deep and continuing history of Black music, we at Enter the Circle want to contribute back to Black lives in America by supporting musical enrichment in the lives of children of color.

From midnight to midnight on Friday, 2020-06-05 (PST), Bandcamp is waiving their usual cut of sales, so every cent is going directly to the artists and labels you choose to support. 100% of all proceeds from Enter the Circle's catalog will be donated to Building Bridges Through Music, and co-founders Asa and Jack will both match every contribution.

View the ETC catalog on Bandcamp here.