call for artists

Enter The Circle is seeking collaborators for an upcoming series of projects which aims to advance the frontiers of interdisciplinary artmaking. A desire to dive into the unknown and explore the hidden corners of unseen worlds as well as a distinct approach to artmaking are indications of the artists sought.

Those invited to collaborate will combine their strengths with fellow artists to create new works which explore the spaces between and beyond each individual's specialties. The brief is completely open-ended; each project's execution is left entirely up to the artists. Enter the Circle can provide creative and production support to suit the needs of each project and facilitate their realization.

Artists of all disciplines, mediums, and backgrounds — especially those not well-represented elsewhere — are encouraged to join us for this exciting new series. Producers, artistic directors, and curators are equally welcome.

Projects will be formed continuously as artists join. To register your interest, send us an email, or get in touch with @rivernoises on Twitter or Instagram.